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Las Vegas to Goldfield

by julianna aquino

Three hours away from Las Vegas you’ll reach a small town called Goldfield, where the supposedly haunted Goldfield Hotel is. The town was at one point one of Nevada’s largest, but was hit by a period of flash floods and fires, including a 1923 fire that destroyed much of the city. The hotel is said to be the home of several ghosts, including a woman with a grisly tale

Do you love street art? What about outdoor art installations? With over 40 cars sticking out of the sand or balancing on top of one another, the International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield Nevada is both. This is an Instagram worthy Nevada road trip to add to your bucket list.

There is no theme or specific message attached to the car forest. It began with two artist. Rippie owns the land and began the project to make the Guinness Book of World Records for number of cars planted vertically in the ground.  Sorg was an artist wanting to create a peaceful spot as an artis retreat. They worked together for seven years to expand the urban art installation until 2011. The two artists had a falling out and have gone their separate ways. Rippie is in jail for gun charges and Sorg is working on another project in Reno.

There is no question this spot in Nevada’s Mojave Desert is photogenic and will provide many photo opportunities. The forest remains and can be explored off US Hwy 95. The neighboring ghost town of Goldfield is another secret spot  full of insta-ideas.

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