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Tips to beat the huge crowds at the Grand Canyon

by julianna aquino

Have ever occurred to you going on vacations to the Grand Canyon? It’s a wonderful destination to go with your family and friends. However, since it is a very popular place to visit, it is also very crowded during some seasons. Discover the best times to go and explore its amazing natural resources!

  1. If you really are interested in visiting the South Rim, try to plan your trip during the fall. When the temperature starts dropping down the national park is less crowded. Likewise, during winter, between December to early February is a good moment to plan your trip. Just keep in mind that you will need a big coat, but trust us it’s totally worth it! Hiking in the snow at the Grand Canyon is an incredible experience.


  1. Arrive early! We recommend you to bring your coffee thermo and see the sunrise. You won’t regret it. Usually people start arriving by 9am and start leaving around 7pm, therefore if you stay also a little bit late you could enjoy the park without too many people around. The sunset is a spectacle itself.



  1. Another great advice is to stay overnight at the Grand Canyon. From a research made by the travel program development and operation, REI Adventures, it’s an activity that not many people use to do. Less than 25% of the annual visitors plan camping at the park.


  1. Explore beyond! You could take the North Kaibab path and walk about a mile or two below the rim. The landscapes that you’ll encounter are breathtaking!


  1. Why don’t you book a private tour? If you do this you wouldn’t have to wait on the long lines to enter to the park. Guides are allowed to pass through immediately. In addition, you could have access to the Hermit Road and trails down into the canyon, which are areas that are closed to the general public. Besides all that, if you decide to book a tour you could enjoy all the information given by the guides about history, flora and geology of the Grand Canyon. So there’s still a good way to avoid huge crowds even the peak seasons. Call your friends and plan an exciting trip now!

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