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6 things you should know before planning your trip at the Grand Canyon

by julianna aquino

The Grand Canyon is considered one of the most popular national parks in the US. It’s the second most visited! You need to go at least one time in your life. This is an iconic place that won’t let you down your expectations, that’s for sure. Here are a few things you might take in consideration before planning your trip…

Go during winter months

It’s well known that during winter there are less people visiting the Grand Canyon, this is why it’s the perfect time to go. You could have also more time to ask questions to the park rangers and have a deeper knowledgement about the geology, history and fauna of the Grand Canyon. Remember to dress accordingly the weather conditions!

Make the right entrance

We recommend you to enter the park by the easternmost. Even though it’s further, totally worth it!

Visit the Indian Watchtower

This a 70 foot-tall circular tower designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, and which has been up since 1932. This is a trademark of the park, you can’t miss it!

Spend at night at “El Tovar”

From the 6 hotels that there are throughout the park, “El Tovar” hotel is the one that totally needs your attention. The views you can get out and inside your room are breathtaking. Teddy Roosevelt as well as Albert Einstein were guests there. Cool, right?

Be curious

While you explore the Grand Canyon you’ll probably feel with many questions regarding the history, fauna and geology of the park. You could access to guided ranger tours, shuttle bus service, parking and all the areas inside the park with about a $30 ticket fee. This is a budget-friendly plan for a giveaway don’t you think?

Take the whole day to explore the Grand Canyon

We recommend you to manage well your time because there are so many places to explore and activities to do inside the park. Around 6 hours is enough time! Don’t forget to stay up to the sunset. The view is really astonishing!




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