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4 things you should keep in mind before traveling to Las Vegas

by julianna aquino

Las Vegas is considered a popular destination for tourist, however, in this quick guide we are going to show you how to explore Sin City as a local. Just keep reading to find it out!


  1. Visit other places outside The Strip

There are so many other places to visit besides the usually and popular ones located on the Strip. We recommend you to head downtown and shopping at Container Park. Likewise, the Neon Museum is worth to visit. Get out of your comfort zone!

  1. How to move from one place to another

Something you should know in advance is that hailing a cab on the Strip is illegal, this is why if you chose getting to places by taxi, you need to take it from the hotel you are staying at. Likewise, Ubber as well as Lyft are other affordable options. We recommend you to always pay in cash to avoid surcharges.  However, if you rather take the monorail, keep in mind that it runs between the MGM Grand and Sahara Avenue. Buses are also a choice! There are 39 routes throughout the city.

  1. How to pick the appropriate clothing

Make sure to dress simple but sophisticated, nothing too extravagant. You don’t know who you might meet during your stay in Las Vegas. You could find the love of your life there, who knows? Besides that, some restaurants have a specific dress code, so keep in mind to be sure about this before going to that restaurant.

  1. How to get a few drinks for free

A good way to save a few bucks in drinks is to go to the Keno screens, which are located at the bar tops in the majority of casinos, and then insert $30 inside the machine. You have to maintain $20 in the machine while you are playing, in that case bartenders are allowed to offer you a free drink. Just remember to press cash out after finishing drinking so that you can redeem your money.

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