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6 tips to really tackle Las Vegas: Sin City

by julianna aquino

Around 41 million people visited Las Vegas last year. This is a very popular and crowded city that attracts tons of tourist every year. If you want to really take advantage of everything this town has to offer you then read these 6 tips we have for you today…

  1. Make sure the real distance between places

Since Las Vegas has many buildings really close to each other, it appears that distance between them is tiny. Don’t trust yourself. They are further than they appear.

  1. Don’t spend money on drinks at the casinos

As soon as you arrive to the casino, don’t purchase any drink yet. While you are gambling, the waitress usually approach to you with free cocktails. So be patient and wait for a little time!

  1. Don’t leave essential items at the hotel

Make sure to always bring a jacket with you just in case. It might sound weird, since Las Vegas tends to be very hoy, but usually at the casinos the AC is turned on and the environment gets very cold. Additionally, don’t forget to put on sunscreen before leaving the hotel and take a bottle of water with you. Visiting the Strip involves a lot walking under strong sun rays.

  1. Register for player’s club

Whether you are interesting in gambling or not, we recommend you to sign up for the player’s club. It has some advantages! You could get discounts for shows, restaurants and attractions.

  1. Take lessons on how to place a bet at the casinos

A good way to determine if you really like gambling, is by taking some lessons first before traveling to Las Vegas. Besides that, you wouldn’t feel neither intimidated nor overwhelming at any casino once to get to city.

  1. Have dinner outside peak times

We recommend you to avoid peak dinner hours during your stay in Las Vegas. In this way you won’t find long lines at the buffets for instance. The best time is between 5-5:30pm or between 8:30-9 pm.

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